Message from our New Chairman

I would personally like to thank everyone who gave up their time to attend the SGM, not only those that came to vote but also those that ensured the process was carried out fairly and efficiently.

I would also like to say thank you to all those who put themselves forward as nominees for the various positions and to the vacating executive and committee members for their continued hard work.

As you will appreciate the club will need to enter a transitional period to allow sufficient time for the handover of the committee responsibilities and any outstanding agenda to be addressed.

This is a challenge that I am looking forward to and I am confident that with the support of the new committee members and all those associated with the club including the parents, we can achieve our goals with minimal disruption. Certainly given the recent results at the Yorkshire Championships we can be assured the swimmers and coaching staff are doing their bit!

Looking forward, there will undoubtedly be changes. With guidance, support and advice taken as appropriate, these changes hopefully will reflect in a safe, happy and successful swimming club, which I'm sure you will agree is a common goal to us all.


Antony Stinson